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Title: Midnight Snack

Label: Sinderlyn

Genre: Indie

Released: September 2015


by Maya Drzewicki - December 3, 2015

Midnight Snack is the sophomore album released by the Montreal-based band HOMESHAKE.  HOMESHAKE is the creative imprint of Peter Sagar, the former guitarist and keyboardist for the Mac DeMarco band.  Sinderlyn is the smaller sister label of DeMarco’s Brooklyn-based record label Captured Tracks.  Sagar’s sound borrows heavily from DeMarco, but he makes it his own by relying more on elements that characterize the lo-fi, electronic, and R&B genres.  His aesthetic is more relaxed and synth-oriented than DeMarco’s up-beat, guitar-driven music. Sagar utilizes various types of distortion and sustain to manipulate and create his unique sound.  He doesn’t tend to experiment much with changing up his chords, and he drags his lyrics as if he is too lazy to keep up with the already slow tempo. His lyrics explore sensual themes while continuously returning to feelings of being lost and alone.  In between the primarily electronic and synth-focused sounds, there are some really great guitar hooks worthy of attention.  The title track, “Midnight Snack” is probably my favorite song on this album, and it is composed of a well-crafted mesh of instrumental lines.  The sound of the guitar on this track is so alluring; it can easily pull in any listener. “I Don’t Wanna” has a lethargic but groovy opening, sounding like a song straight off of Mac DeMarco’s Salad Days.  Sagar emerges with this really melancholy falsetto, singing a dreary love ballad about being alone.  The dreamy synths and atmospheric drones off the track “Faded” create a disorienting feeling of stagnation, mimicking the sensation of having an altered state of mind. You would think he’d be happy by the track “Real Love” to have found someone to end his loneliness, but with his nauseating use of sustain, he is clearly just as lost as ever.  The biggest drawback of this album for me is that HOMESHAKE’s sound seems to be edging away from the guitar-focus that characterized their debut album, In the Shower.  While Midnight Snack is no “record of the year,” it is a nice, easy listen and a solid album.  Highly recommended for fans of Mac DeMarco, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Ariel Pink.  7/10

Favorite tracks: He’s Heating Up!, I Don’t Wanna, Faded, Midnight Snack

Least Favorite Track: Love Is Only a Feeling